Jackson County Sports Complex Authority (JCSCA) completes an annual Stadium Condition Assessments for both Kauffman Stadium and Arrowhead Stadium with the assistance of Burns & McDonnell.

The Kansas City Royals and the Kansas City Chiefs organizations have a lease with the Jackson County Sports Complex Authority (JCSCA) that requires the organizations to maintain Kauffman Stadium and Arrowhead Stadium to a level consistent with a First Class MLB Baseball Stadium and NFL Football Stadium respectively.  The purposes of these studies are to report the overall condition of each stadium and its immediate environs to determine if the teams are upholding their lease agreements.

Burns & McDonnell, in conjunction with the JCSCA, have developed a Facility Assessment Report that reviews and documents the stadium condition.  During 2013 the JCSCA created a database that documented the existing condition of every room within the two stadiums.  Burns & McDonnell reviewed the database, interviewed Kansas City Royals and Chiefs staffs and received maintenance records.  These reports are based on the above review in conjunction with on-site evaluations by Burns & McDonnell engineers and architects.

Below are the yearly reports compiled since the projects inception.

Arrowhead Stadium 2018

Kauffman Stadium 2018

Arrowhead Stadium 2017

Kauffman Stadium 2017

Arrowhead Stadium 2016

Kauffman Stadium 2016

Arrowhead Stadium 2015

Kauffman Stadium 2015

Arrowhead Stadium 2014

Kauffman Stadium 2014