Mission Statement

To plan, construct, operate and maintain a sports stadium field house, indoor and outdoor recreational facilities center, playing fields, parking facilities and other suitable concessions within Jackson County, Missouri;

To negotiate and perform its obligations as Landlord under Lease Agreements with the Kansas City Royals Baseball Corporation and the Kansas City Chiefs Football Club, Inc.;

To oversee the maintenance and operation of the Harry S. Truman Sports Complex in fiscally responsible manner that will allow it to maintain its stature as a premier sports facility in the nation;

To administer funds received from the State of Missouri; Jackson County, Missouri; Kansas City, Missouri; or any other source that are to be used for furtherance of its statutory duties;

To serve as an agent to Jackson County, Missouri, under the terms of the Agency Agreement;

To develop a land use plan for potential development of the Sports Complex and to recommend to the County appropriate long-term leasing arrangements for the Sports Complex facilities;

To work with other political subdivisions, agencies and commissions for the furtherance of all types of sports, either professional or amateur, commercial or private, within Jackson County, Missouri.